YourMondayMotivator: Where are you?

I just reread the MondayMotivator from this time last year & I had to laugh. Because I am again sitting in the same place as I was at this time last year. At the beach, laptop on knee and lots of activity around me as we get ready for the day.

It got me thinking about where I am this year. That is, where my life is after another year.

Like most 2010 was a year of big changes both business and personal. Getting married was the biggest thing personally and doing some cool development work and getting new clients business wise.

Looking back is always interesting because you can see the twists and turns and ups and downs that lead you to where you are reading this from now.

So here’s today’s BIG question: Are you happy with where you are right now?

If you are, yay! If you aren’t, what are you going to do about it over the next 12 months so you don’t get the same answer next year?

Personally I am happy with my lot this year. However there is a quote that says the world belongs to the disatisfied (It’s also the title of a book by Charles P. Steinmetz and at the bottom of every Ponsonby News magazine). That quote sums me up. I am always disatisfied with how much I know about myself, my business and my life. It drives me forward. Writing the MondayMotivator and minimotivators helps.

Find something that will drive you forward in 2011 and it will be the best year ever.

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My best.

Today’s minimotivator: Happy Christmas

Larry Wilde said, “Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall.”

I couldn’t have said it any better. Watch kids this Christmas and remember when you to thought the tree was 30 feet high.

Happy Christmas!

My best.


Today’s minimotivator: Smile!

Quote: A smile confuses an approaching frown.

I like that and to the best of my knowledge a smile does confuse an apporaching frown.

People might wonder whether your on something or slighty crazy but they will always smile, or grimace, back.

I’m practicing smiling instead of that grimace we all seem to do. It’s tough but the results are awesome and it might become a habit if I do it long enough.

Makes a walk around the block go a lot faster to.

My best.


Today’s minimotivator: Enthusiasm and Magic

Quote: There is real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.

Enthusiasm does start to wane at this time of the day. Because most companies don’t let you have nap I recommend a quick run on the spot or walk round your office or floor plus a few stretches.

That coupled with boundless enthusiasm will get through the rest of the day and when things get done – as if by magic.

My best.


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Today’s minimotivator: BAM!

English Proverb, “Affectation is a greater enemy to the face than smallpox.”

I really wanted to put that subject line in there. it doesn’t really have much to do with today’s quote but I’m sure it put a smile on some peoples faces.

In fact say it again, BAM!

Smile, relax and enjoy the rest of the day.

My best.


YourMondayMotivator: When less is more

Last week I wrote a minimotivator on instinct and how as you train it you notice opportunities faster [read it here]. Having less helps you do that too.

Recently I read an article titled Lessons from Less on the Zen Habits blog and the author wrote that leaving a surface clear is a good thing. You don’t have to put a vase or picture frame on it, you can just appreciate the flat surface.

Having less stuff cluttering up your life allows more to come in. You will notice more, you will see and hear more, and you will appreciate what you have more.

Less will always mean more.

In communication using the fewest words to get a complex idea across means more people will get it sooner. Meaning it will spread more. Albert Einstein was brilliant at this.

Keep this in mind this week and as you stress about Christmas and wrapping up your work for the year. Only do the things that will get you ready for 2011. Do them well and write a Christmas list before you hit the shops. You are less likely to stress and buy stuff you, and they, don’t need.

Have a great Christmas and check out the winners of the Best Book in the World at

My best.


Today’s minimotivator: Instinct

Madame De Girardin said, “Instinct is the nose of the mind.”

A very smart person once told me I had to trust my gut more. After a few false readings it, my gut, has been pretty spot on.

That’s not saying it’s always right but it’s pretty darn good, especially at picking up on opportunities.

As Madame De Girardin said instinct is the nose of your mind and it can sniff things out way before you are conscious them.

Train your instinct and then use it. It’s one of the be weapons/tools you have.

My best.

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Today’s minimotivator: Rain

Someone once said, “Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.”

I’m loving the rain in Auckland today. It’s been very dry here lately and this is sure to help fill a few watertanks.

That is my perception of todays rain. It might change tomorrow because I want to have a bbq but today I’m loving it.

Think about that when you talking to someone; the sunshine might be great for you but they would rather it be raining.

It only takes a second to pick things like that up if you listen closely and it will transform your communication.

My best.


Today’s minimotivator: Where is the wind taking you?

Seneca said, “When a man does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind.”

I’ve been thinking about direction lately and in my opinion we need it.

Not knowing what harbour your making for can turn a simple journey into a very long one. Some people might like that, but most just want to get there.

Write down some big goals and keep them near. You don’t have to do anything about them at first. Just let them simmer and be top of mind for you.

You will be surprised at what things start to happen that begin to point you in their (goals) direction.

Have a great afternoon and get goal making.


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