Ask Spike: Should you resend an email?

How powerful is resending an email? Do resends work?

As an email marketing company, we should know, right? Well, we do and yes they do work. (Hurrah!)


First of all re-sends are a fraction of the cost of sending an email as they require minimal building time (bonus!) Second, they are a great way to improve your database’s knowledge and reach those who may have missed receiving or viewing the first send.

Here is a recent example of an email we sent for a client:

The first email we sent had an acceptable open rate (25.96%) and click through rate (4.94%).

We set up the next resend with the same content with these changes

  1. Changing the subject line and pre header
  2. Sending to those that did not open the first email
  3. Adjusting the resend time

A couple of days later we sent out another resend with the 3 changes above. As expected we had a lower open rate of 10.60% but had an astounding click through rate of 5.81% – a much higher rate than the first email we sent out!

So yes, resending emails does work!

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