What Do You See?

The short video within this article is based on the thoughts that Sargy Mann was putting together for a TED Talk that never eventuated, due to his death. As a painter he had been taught to see. There is a big difference in how an artist sees the world and how you and I might. […]

How to Talk to Little Girls

I have a little girl who’s growing fast. It’d be great if more people spoke to her like this. To start you on your way here’s three questions I learned from Charles Poliquin on the Tim Ferriss Podcast. What have you done to help someone today? What has someone done nice for you today or […]

Find Your Horse to Ride

Find your horse. Sometimes it’s not that you’re doing something — it’s the thing that you’re doing that’s important. The book, not the writer. The horse, not the rider. Richard Koch explains this idea very well in this article. Find the right horse for you and back it. You’ll be in for one heck of […]

Don’t Follow Your Passion

“Don’t follow your passion”. That’s contrarian advice right there. Or is it? In his commencement speech to the Columbia Class of 2015, Ben Horowitz demonstrates that not following your passion works. Because our passions, “like boyfriends”, can change over time, and we should follow what we’re good at. Ben says that, “The third issue with […]

Be Your Weird Self

This is an excellent commencement speech by Chris Sacca. His last piece of advice — be your weird self. That’s a great piece of advice. Your weird self is the one that requires no effort, has no pretence and wears a smile — most of the time. Chris Sacca went from $4 Million USD in […]

The Law of Singularity

A repost of Richard Koch’s Law of Singularity article to remind myself and you, that sometimes there is only one way to save your business or brand. One way. And it’s usually really, really hard to do. So hard that some executives will put it off and put it off until it’s too late and […]

Letter to My Younger Self

I enjoyed this letter from Pete Sampras to his 16 year old self. Writing such a letter would give you time to assess your life, see what worked, what didn’t, show you what’s really important and help you to move forward with pace and optimism. Start writing one to your 16 year old self today.