Don’t let your shine be dulled.

We all have the ability to shine — and when we do, it helps others do the same. Welcome to the MondayMotivator. Hi %%First_Name%%, Good morning, welcome to this week’s MondayMotivator! “When my daughter was small she got the dubious part of the Bethlehem star in a Christmas play. After her first rehearsal she burst […]

Don’t know how to relax?

Relaxation is vital for a healthy mind. — but ever feel like you’ve forgotten how to? Hi %%First_Name%%, In today’s world, relaxing is something a lot of people don’t take time out for. However, relaxation is vital to a healthy mind, helping to maintain motivation and interest in our careers, lives, and ourselves. So if […]

Are the decisions you’re making strengthening, or weakening?

What these mean, and the surprising effect they can have on reaching your goals. Hi %%First_Name%%, Were the decisions you made this morning strengthening or weakening? In other words, have you made decisions that will drive you toward your goals, or take you further away? Are you on a diet and decided to have one last […]

Be BOLD this week.

You’ll surprise yourself with the amazing things you can achieve. Hi %%First_Name%%, BOLD: Not hesitating or being fearful, in the face of danger or rebuke. It’s a fact that when you are bold, spontaneous, daring, and take calculated risks, life and circumstances will move towards you and help with what you are attempting to achieve. Being […]

Spend some time working out what will inspire you

What or who drives you to your desk or to your first meeting? Hi %%First_Name%%, What is your inspiration every morning? Who or what drives you out the front door, to your desk or to your first meeting? Do you have someone on your team who inspires you everyday? On my wall I have a […]

The best thing about MondayMotivator was the way it changed my life

The return of Bob the Stickman. Hello! Kia ora! Et Bonjour (I’m learning French)! I’m back! You might remember me from such MondayMotivators as The Cracked Pot or 5 things I’ve learned from 10 years of writing the MondayMotivator. You might also remember I started the MondayMotivator in ’04, and didn’t miss a Monday for […]