Caliwoods goal was to reach $x amount in sales during the Go Green Expo, run a competition and be able to add new people to her mailing list.


Spike and Caliwoods brainstormed ideas that ensured that Shay will be able to focus hard on selling while still be able to get as many customer sign-ups as possible. Since the Go Green Expo is a big event, we had to make it as simple as possible to collect email addresses.

From experience Shay knew paper and pen was the most successful way of getting people’s details. The solution was to double up on her sign up forms - from one to two clipboards available and have them on both sides of the booth. She would also have cards people could grab and go with if they didn’t have time to write their details.

Everyone on the list would then be on the draw to win a Caliwoods Prize Pack.


Having a number of ways to collect customer information, Shay was able to focus on selling and smashed her target sales by 200%. That’s a very successful Expo 🙂

Almost 300 participants signed up to be included in the draw and mailing list. After transferring the information from paper to excel and uploaded to Spike, the follow up email was sent out with the winners name and a offer for those who didn’t win.

The email open rate was 66.2% and click through rate was 4.0%.

As there were challenges in moving the data from paper to excel, the initial send got a huge bounce rate. After going through the data again, wrong emails were corrected and Spike did a resend that got 65.6% opens and 8.2% click rate.

#toptip: Not all freelancers are created equal.

The event was a huge success for Shay from Caliwoods as she reached her target sales goal and grew her list by 20.28%.


As the mailing list is getting bigger, it would be good to utilise this by sending updates, blogs, events, and promos.