Habits from 75 Hard – Read EVERY day.


One habit #75Hard got me back into was reading EVERY day. Here’s what I read over the 75 days.

Principles – Ray Dalio
I’d started this beforehand and was struggling to finish it. Blazed through it once I started 75 Hard.

The Power Of Positive Thinking – Norman Vincent Peale
The seminal positive mental attitude book. Some good stories and quotes to keep in mind.

Mindset – Carol S. Dweck
This is an EXCELLENT read. Check out all the bookmarks I made. Well worth keeping close by.

Courage Under Fire – James Bond Stockdale
I’d seen this book mentioned by several authors I read and it didn’t disappoint. Wow! James Stockdale is a legend and proved beyond doubt the Stoics were on to something, that works.

So Good They Can’t Ignore You – Cal Newport
A book I’d had on the shelf for some time and I wished I’d read it earlier. Cal Newport makes a good argument for why skills trump passion and why a whole generation has basically been lied too. Finding your passion is crap advice.

Purple Cow – Seth Godin
I wanted to reread this and it seemed like a good time. It’s well worth working on being re-markable.

The 10X Rule – Grant Cardone
This was a good read. Better than I expected it to be and solid advice on how to think big and get real about the work it takes to get there.

Everything Is Fucked – Mark Manson
Well, holy heck. I remember saying out loud in the second half of this book that it went to a completely unexpected place for me. That you’re reading Kant, Nietzsche and how Edward Bernays (Freud’s nephew) invented marketing as we know it today is unexpected, fun and enlightening.

Questions To Ask Myself, Others And Of The Business

I like good questions because I believe that the better the question, the better the answer.

So, here is a list of the good questions I’ve collected from books, videos and conversations. I have some questions under multiple headings if I think they can apply in the different scenarios.

I find that if I ask myself a question and then let it sit in my mind, reminded by a sticky note, an answer bubbles up in good time. And, it’s usually a very good answer. One your brain has put through the wringer of your subconscious and decided the appropriate answer and action to take.

I will add to this list as I read questions I think are worthwhile thinking about and add headings as I see fit.

Updated: 29 April 2020

Where is the lesson in this for me?
How am I going to help people get results?
How can I have the biggest impact?
What is my purpose in life?
What does the best me look like (act, hold myself etc)?
What do I love about what I do?
What do I want to be really good at?
Who’s holding you accountable?
What is my 20 or 30 year goal?
How do I want to be working in 12 months time?
What do I want?
What gives me the most energy?
What experience do I need to deliver?
What do I need to earn to make it happen?
What will I say “no” to?
What advice am I giving out that I’m not following myself?
What did I learn from a mistake I made today / this week?
What’s the best thing you did for someone this week so far?

What business are we really in?
What business do we need to be in?
Who’s missing?
When someone says, “I believe x,” ask them: What data are you looking at? What reasoning are you using to draw your conclusion?
What should a quality person have known and done in that situation?
What are you optimising for?
What is the best way forward for x?
What numbers matter to you?
What experience do I need to deliver?
Does it make the boat go faster?
How can I ensure a great outcome for my clients with less me?
How can I continue to meet my clients expectations?
What is the biggest challenge right now to your business?

What should a quality person have known and done in that situation?
What did you learn today?
What are you optimising for?
What tabs do you have open at the moment?
Who’s holding you accountable?
What numbers matter to you?
What did you fail at today?
What is the biggest challenge right now to your business?
What did you learn from a mistake you made today / this week?

Family (At the dinner table)
What mistake did you make that taught you something?
What did you try hard at today?
Tell, me three things that happened today and how they made you feel?
Tell me one thing you’re grateful for today?
What did you fail at today?

Where’s the grip in the rain?

Day One – thoughts from the road

Day One thoughts from the road when I was out exercising.

Find somewhere to move every day
Stay positive
Feel a sense of accomplishment when you’ve moved
Carry that feeling with you when you start to feel down


Hey, good morning. So here in New Zealand, this is the first morning of the lock down. You’re probably sitting at home going, “What am I going to do?” Well, I went for a walk, went for a jog, used the Headspace Mindful Movement App just to get my head, you know ready for the next four weeks. Ready for the day.

And there was a part in there when you’ve done something like this, you feel happy, you feel a rush of endorphins, I suppose. You feel a sense of accomplishment.

Right? Once you’ve done something. So you need to get moving today, wherever you are. Use your driveway. Use your hallway. Download the 7 Minute Workout, it’s a Johnson & Johnson app. I’ve got nothing to do with them, but that’s the best seven minute workout app. Do that. You just need a wall, a floor, and maybe something to step up on. Or you could swap that out for high knees.

But look, once you’ve done something this morning, once you’ve got moving, you’re going to feel a sense of accomplishment. You’re going to feel a bit more happy. And what I want you to do is when things aren’t going so well, just remember that feeling. Remember that feeling of accomplishment? It’s going to get you through today.

So you need to start off every day with some moving. Get moving, throw the kids around, play on the ground with the kids for 30 minutes. Whatever it takes, right?

Download those apps. Tabata, another good one, four minutes or eight minutes of moving, 20 seconds each movement. Get moving, get that sense of accomplishment. Bring it back into your mind during the day where you’re not feeling so great and yeah, you’ll get through this. You’ll be stronger. You’ll have a sense of accomplishment because you’ve done something that not many other people have done in history, like a lockdown for four weeks. Unprecedented, right?

There’s a lot to learn about yourself, about your family, about your business, about your clients. So stay strong, get that sense of accomplishment happening during the day, and you’ll get through this. See you tomorrow.

What Do You See?

The short video within this article is based on the thoughts that Sargy Mann was putting together for a TED Talk that never eventuated, due to his death. As a painter he had been taught to see. There is a big difference in how an artist sees the world and how you and I might. Compensating for his diminishing sight and then becoming blind honed this skill even more, and Sargy has left the world a more beautiful place.

View the article and short video here.

How to Talk to Little Girls

I have a little girl who’s growing fast. It’d be great if more people spoke to her like this.

To start you on your way here’s three questions I learned from Charles Poliquin on the Tim Ferriss Podcast.

  1. What have you done to help someone today?
  2. What has someone done nice for you today or to help you out?
  3. What did you learn?

I’ve been asking Alba questions like this everyday since she could talk. But these three questions are easy to remember and make a habit. I got thoughtful answers today. You will too.

My take is: ask your kid better questions and you’ll get better answers, and raise a great kid who contributes to the world.

How to Dice an Onion Perfectly, with Jeremy Fox

There is always a way to do something. A way that gets it done.

But then there is the craftsman’s way — the thoughtful way. The way that takes time, practice and more time. Few people appear to want to put in the time to become a craftsman.

Why not? Why are people, young people, in such a rush to do but not to learn how to be while they do?

This was not always the case. It may be that it’s not easy to focus on one thing, when the world is distraction.

But there is a way to dice an onion, or there is the Jeremy Fox way.

Find Your Horse to Ride

Find your horse. Sometimes it’s not that you’re doing something — it’s the thing that you’re doing that’s important.

The book, not the writer.

The horse, not the rider.

Richard Koch explains this idea very well in this article. Find the right horse for you and back it. You’ll be in for one heck of a winning ride.

Don’t Follow Your Passion

“Don’t follow your passion”. That’s contrarian advice right there. Or is it?

In his commencement speech to the Columbia Class of 2015, Ben Horowitz demonstrates that not following your passion works. Because our passions, “like boyfriends”, can change over time, and we should follow what we’re good at.

Ben says that, “The third issue with following your passion is you’re not necessarily good at your passion. Has anybody ever watched American Idol? You know what I’m talking about. Just because you love singing doesn’t mean you should be a professional singer”.

That’s true. We’ve all seen it. This is 17 minutes of the best career advice I’ve seen for a while. Worth the watch.

Be Your Weird Self

This is an excellent commencement speech by Chris Sacca.

His last piece of advice — be your weird self.

That’s a great piece of advice. Your weird self is the one that requires no effort, has no pretence and wears a smile — most of the time.

Chris Sacca went from $4 Million USD in the hole to zero in 2005, and is one of the most successful venture capitalists today. He’s well worth the 28 minutes.