Today’s minimotivator from Jodie Foster on being not normal

Jodie Foster

Today’s minimotivator.

Normal is not 
something to 
aspire to, 
it’s something 
to get away from.

- Jodie Foster

“I wish you were normal.” Never a more self-belief endangering statement has been uttered.

“I wish you were normal.”

Normal doesn’t amount too much though. Normal is boring.

Normal fades into the background and leaves no ripples on a pond. Because instead of a rock thrown it’s a feather.

However, my normal is not normal. Nor is our normal their normal. Maybe normal is a time or a place or sometimes a feeling. A fleeting one. Whereby you might feel at peace. Perhaps even whole.

But, it’s always your normal, not theirs. You must aspire to get away from their normal and in doing so create big ripples that affect more people. Who will aspire to greater things and so on and so on…

Photo by Roger Bradshaw on Unsplash