Today’s minimotivator on the small stuff perhaps being the big stuff

Enjoy the little things

Today’s minimotivator.

Enjoy the little things,
for one day you might
look back and discover
they were the big things.

Enjoying and being grateful for small things is something I am instilling in myself and my children. Not so they think small, but so they are aware of the little things that brought some joy to their day.

These sometimes get glossed over by our narrative selves as they round the day up into something resembling a happy ending.

Taking notice of small things is a practice I recommend. It’s easy to do. When something that ‘sparks joy’ happens acknowledge it and revisit it later.

Every dinnertime and sometimes out driving we ask three things that happened today and how they made you feel. Or, tell me something you’re grateful for today. The answers from the kids astound me with their innocence and quality.

Try it now.