YourMondayMotivator: Holiday thoughts

Good morning.

I couldn’t help myself and here we are, the last MondayMotivator for 2008. At this time last year we were all on holiday and I wrote about the Lost Art of Dishwashing. This year still having no dishwasher has meant I have mastered Dishwashing to the point where I now have a black belt and I am looking forward to buying a dishwasher.

2008 has gone so fast that I am of the opinion time time is speeding up. Either that or there were only 300 days in the year. However the only way I know for sure there was 365 days is I kept a journal. This is something I have done over the years without great success and so a goal for 2008 was to write something everyday. Reading through it I was amazed at some of the things I wrote about and realised 2008 was a big year for the New Zealand and the world.

Change is happening and I would like to be part of it. So in 2009 my big goal is to work out how I can help New Zealand businesses create markets for themselves with better, faster, cheaper communication. We (the nation) have to start looking outwards and getting our expertise out to the world. The ideas and creativity that emanates from New Zealand is amazing. Have you heard about Augmented Reality? The guys from Hitlab at the University of Canterbury are leaders in their field.

Change is happening. I challenge you to start a journal for 2009. Just before you go to bed take a minute to write down your thoughts of the day. Doing this keeps your focus, clears your head (so you sleep better) and you will know exactly where the year went at this time in 2009.

Hope you had a great Christmas and wishing you a successful 2009.

YourMondayMotivator: Question things

Good morning.

For the first time in five years I am going to take a break from writing the MondayMotivator and have one week off. So the first MondayMotivator for 2009 will be on the 5th January.

I am going to take the time to question things and I suggest you might do the same. Have a notebook handy and ask yourself questions like; Why am I doing this, Why did I react like that, Am I happy doing this, or What will I learn from this?

Question everything. Because there is proof you were programmed to be who are today by the time you were seven. Not 16, not 21, not 30 – seven. These holidays question things to see whether you might be expressing something that you learned before you were seven or are you conciously creating your life?

Have a terrific Christmas and thank you. Thank you for  reading the MondayMotivator this year and for your inspirational and exceptional feedback. I do not get a chance to personally reply to everyone but I want you know I read every email.

Safe travels, see you in the New Year.

YourMondayMotivator: MAPKAP

Good morning.

If you have been reading the MondayMotivator for some time you will know I write it on Monday morning. This keeps it fresh and not just an automatic email sent each week from the pile.

I do this because I made a promise to send you an inspirational, or kick in the pants, email that gives you something to think about each week.

One of my advisors told me he calls this MAPKAP; Make A Promise, Keep A Promise.

This is such a simple statement yet one that makes the biggest difference to who you are and what people think about you or your business.

Why does MAPKAP make a difference? Because you create an expectation that people can rely on you to make something happen. In my case that is sending you an easy to read, succinct, inspirational email every Monday morning. I take it a bit further by making it every Monday morning, holiday or not and havent missed one for over five years.

What this has done for me is allowed people to trust me to get things done and helped me build my business. I can only imagine that someone of your genius could do even more with this simple philosophy.

Have a terrific day and this week and remember – MAPKAP. 

YourMondayMotivator: Five Reasons the South Island rocks

Good morning.

I was lucky enough to get down to the South Island for the weekend and enjoyed it so much I thought I would share with you five reasons the South Island rocks. These are not that objective but I’ve done my best.

1. There is no one there. 
I remember a statistic that there are more people in Auckland than there are in the South Island. About a million for a land mass almost twice as big as the North Island. When you are driving between places there can be a long time before you see someone else.

2. The Weather.
It doesn’t change 4-10 times a day. You can actually plan your day. Yes I know Auckland had a great weekend but have you seen the day today?

3. The Scenery.
You cannot beat the scenery of the South Island. You might beg to differ but I’m referring to Auckland and the North Island here not the rest of the World.

4. The People.
Why do people get friendlier the more you head South?

5. The Roads.
The roads in this country seem to get better after Taupo and I don’t remember seeing too many massive trucks either. In fact as I think about this I would have seen a handful the whole weekend and didn’t get stuck behind one. So with a combination of beautiful scenery, no traffic lights and only you and roadkill on the road, driving is a great experience.

I recommend you jump on a flight, rent a car and get down there for a weekend. It might take you a day to slow down from City speed but the clean air and breath taking scenery remind you why New Zealand is an amazing place to live.
Make the most of it.

Have a terrific day.

YourMondayMotivator: What the bleep do I know?

Good morning.

Have you ever asked yourself, “what do I know?”

The next question that might pop up after a piece of information bubbles to the surface would be, “how do I know that?”.

I feel positive that if you asked yourself those two questions you would never come to the end of your knowledge. Because, as you ask yourself those questions you would then know something else and then something else that would be the result of adding those two pieces of information together.

But the interesting thing about this is that you would get to pieces of information that you would not know where you got them from. There are experiments by Quantum Physicists that show at a Quantum level everything is connected by potential. Now I’m not a Quantum Physicist but to me that rings true and I’m thinking it is from this place we must collect that information we don’t know how we know.

So what does this mean to you on a Monday morning? Apart from, “Come on Glenn it’s Monday. Do I have to think this hard?”

You have more influence than what you think you do %%First name%% %%glennedley Firstname%%. You are more than you think you are and as we get to the end of another year I would like you to start thinking about how much you’ve achieved this year. You have done great and I’m really looking forward to seeing what you can you in 2009.

Have a terrific day.

Todays BOOST

Here is a great Homerism from a birthday card this year, “He rolls up his shirtsleeves, seldom loses his shirt.”

Roll up your sleeves today and have a great week.

Todays BOOST to survive until 5

Someone once said, “Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.”

If your day feels as long as mine has today, the good thing is the weather is great, and one more good thing is it’s Friday.

Have a great weekend.

Todays BOOST to survive the day

Cynthia Kersey said, “The only opinion about your dream that really counts is yours. The negative comments of others merely reflect their limitations – not yours.”

Remember this quote next time you have a great idea.

Todays BOOST to survive the day

W. Edwards Deming said,”It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.”

There has been a sea change in both the United States and New Zealand that some believe will ensure our survival.

I for one am happy we have the chance for survival and I am embracing change.

Change is something we are not all comfortable with but change means growth and growth is what I work on everyday. This includes sending out the minimotivator every week day afternoon.

Have a great afternoon