This year will be the best year of our Life because ….

Every year, for several years now, Lauren and I have written a list of what would make the year ahead the best year of our lives. It doesn’t generally take too long to do and it’s sometimes surprising what we each think will make it the best year.

However by putting both our aspirations into a combined list we are literally both on the same page for the year. During the year we check the list at the beginning of each month to check how we are progressing. Sometimes we make adjustments to the list, adding things, changing things or removing them if they don’t end up fitting.

By being on the same page from the start of the year and checking in we’ve found we really get a lot done. But even better than that we can see what we’ve done. And that is the most important part of this exercise for me.


Because we forget, easily. We forget things we have done that are really great achievements. We forget what we have paid for things and think the money has just frittered away. We forget everything and are always looking towards the next ‘thing’. That’s a human trait that has meant we moved out of caves and into houses. And gone from cart wheels to landing on the moon.

But you should try to remember what you have done during the year because you will have always done something that moved you forward. And if you’ve forgotten because you didn’t write it down you might feel you’ve just wasted another year.

As we head into 2014 find something that helps you get on the same page and check it regularly during the year. Doing so will mean 2014 will be the best of your life.

Thank you for reading the MondayMotivator in 2013. If you started a challenge this year I trust you completed it and are ready for a new one. If you didn’tquite make it there is always 2014.

Have a safe and fun New Year and a successful 2014.

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YourMondayMotivator: Whose body is this?

Do you remember your dreams? When you wake up, or are rudely woken up by someone having a dream next to you, do you remember them?

I do. I remember lots of them when I wake up because I might be taking an action that wakes up. Maybe I’m having an action filled dream and I’m in the middle of a a fight and I kick someone. That’s happened. I wasn’t in the good books.

So my question is who’s body is this when I’m dreaming?

Because I’m asleep. Aren’t I?


I’m generally me in my dreams. Well my perception is that it’s me. but I’m not always the person I see in the mirror. I’m someone or something else sometimes.

It’s very interesting and I’m wondering if you could dream with purpose. That’s the idea of visualisation. You’re basically dreaming, with purpose. Dreaming about the life you want or the things you want to do.

This morning have a think about who you are and who you want to be. Maybe the only thing holding you back is the dreams you have and the person you think you are.

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Have a great week.


P.S. Have a fantastic Christmas!


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YourMondayMotivator: Whose expectations are you living up too?

I believe you can only be truly free when you are almost invisible because truly great things come from the invisible.

A good example is “overnight successes”. They were invisible for years. Practicing and working on their chosen craft.

There is no expectation on you if you are not visibly labelled. Think of a gang member wearing a patch. There is an expectation of what they will be. And they feel they must live up to that expectation.

They are no longer free even though they believe they are the 1%, the outsiders. Once patched they are forever visible. Forever being watched. And forever living up to someone else’s expectations.

There is a flip side though. If the label you choose for yourself is aspirational you will have to live up to your own expectations.


So choose your label well, wear it with pride and live up to it. Do not let others label you or you will be placed in a box and their expectations thrust up on you.

I like the idea of being invisible and having no expectations thrust upon me. Think about it %%First Name%%. Work hard at what you want to do or be and others will take notice, on your terms.

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YourMondayMotivator: Don’t give up now!

The year is winding down quickly and I keep hearing excuses about why deals can’t be done and decisions made – it’s too close to Christmas. No it’s frustrating.

That’s right the typical Kiwi ‘we’re winding down’ attitude has started early this year.

Peoples pools of decision are being used up deciding what to buy people for Christmas. Or in some cases how are we going to survive through to the end of January.

This is not the time to give up now. This is the time to get out there while people have some time in their day and start or cement some relationships.

Don't give up now!

Add value is a phrase I try not to use to often because marketers have pummelled it into meaningless-ness. But that’s what you could be doing at this time of the year.

Don’t be out there trying to sell yourself or your product – people aren’t buying. Get out there and find out what people / businesses want to do next year. There seems to be a buzz around 2014. Business confidence is up. Yay! It’s taken awhile.

Be a sounding board but don’t expect to get paid. Make use of this slack time and better weather to just pop in and say hello. Ask questions and generally take an interest in people. That kind of attitude will help you through this time of year and set you up well for next year.

Why? Because you will have helped some people get clear on what they want to do. Added value by being a sounding board and generally a nice person. People like that and they remember.

So don’t give up now. Just tweak your attitude to one of helping, take a big breath, relax and enjoy this time of the year. It will pay off big in 2014.

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Have a great week.

YourMondayMotivator: Your place of productivity + Crashing Colossus

Every morning I get a feeling that I need to get out of the house and down to my office. It makes for an interesting balance of getting things sorted, like my daughter, getting breakfast and just wanting to get to work.

I have a ‘place of productivity’ in my office. It’s not just my desk and set up. It’s how I’ve got my desk and surroundings set up. I like to be there. I can look out the window at the world going by, have a chat to someone or do some thinking with purpose. That is thinking about a particular client/problem and how we can make an adjustment here, a tweak there and really help them get a return on the investment they make with Spike.

It’s a place of inspiration and productivity for me.

Place of productivity

Do you have a place like that %%First Name%%?

It’s really important you do. Because you will find that you can be super productive for a good amount of time before the day hits you.

The day of distractions: email, phone calls, meetings, decisions. All the stuff that is important but can get in the way of making real progress that makes you feel good.

I like to have my phone on silent for periods of time and make it known I’m working on something. However, I have to to be mindful to give the same consideration to my team. I’ve learned I can’t just barge in and ask them to do things. It mucks their day up as well.

Today ask yourself if you have a place of productivity? A place you enjoy being that allows you to think and work and do stuff of value. If your current space isn’t working ask yourself what could make it work and do that. For example I like my back against the wall. Think about some little tweaks that will make you want to race into work like I do. It’s cool.

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YourMondayMotivator: Do you have to make use of a longer day?

Summer is really starting to hit Auckland lately. We’ve just had an amazing weekend and Monday has started really well.

Beautiful start to the day

The sun is well up by 6.30 now and going down a lot later. Energy levels are rising and the fresh Summer food is really going down well. I do like me some beautiful weather and a good chicken salad. Yum!

However, I’ve noticed all I’ve really done with the extra time is, … work.

Now I like what I do but surely I can do as much as I did in the same time when the days were shorter. Right?

Yes I can.!

I like this quote from 37 Signals Jason Fried, “Workaholics aren’t heroes. They don’t save the day, they just use it up. The real hero is home because she figured out a faster way”

Summer is a great time to practice this idea. Confine your time to just the hours you need to be at work and you will find you can get what you need to get done, done.

Then get home, get out into the sun, get walking, running, riding etc. This will be really worthwhile time spent because it will clear your head and allow your thoughts / imagination to kick back into gear.

Enjoy Summer on your terms. It’s a great time of year and you can do more than just work.

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YourMondayMotivator: How quickly can you start again?

Last Tuesday at 9.30pm a hole appeared in the SpikeHQ production office wall with great force. A truck driver dropping off a container next door made a mistake. A big one.

Hole in SpikeHQ wall

Luckily no one was sitting in the office at the time and all we had to do was clean up, cover the hole, call the insurance company, the builder, the block layer, the truck company etc etc to get it sorted. That’s a lot of hassle.

Then we had to wait to get it fixed because of course we couldn’t have someone cutting concrete while the team was working there. That would not be pleasant. So we put it off until Saturday morning.

But to get ready for that we had to remove everything from the office. So that’s desks, printer, computers, draws, a bookcase and you get the drift.

This is the part that got me thinking about today’s topic. How quickly could we start again? In our case very quickly. We’re very portable and agile. We can almost work from anywhere. Our desks are designed to be dismantled in seconds, we use Apple products because there are less cables and we work from the cloud. We can be up and running in minutes – and will be this morning when we have put everything back.

How quickly can you get started again? Not just from a hole in a wall but from a mistake or failure.

How quickly can you get back on your feet and be raring to go? Fired up and motivated to push on.

That’s a very good question to ask yourself today %%First Name%%. Because your answer will be an indication of how passionate you are about you, your life and what direction you’re heading. Passion will get you up almost before you’ve hit the ground. Lack of it will keep you on the mat.

YourMondayMotivator: It’s not where you’re from.

It is no secret I like cars so it won’t come as any surprise that I enjoy watching movies about cars and car builders. Recently I watched a Petrolicious film about the Ring Brothers. Brothers Mike and Jim Ring build modern day interpretations of cool old cars. And they are really good. Their cars are world renowned.

There is a line from Mike in the film where he says who would have thought two guys from a town of 600 would get noticed. And that’s what drives him. It’s not money. It’s someone looking at them as being good at what they do.

Mike Ring

So why are they so good? Because they love what they do might mean they are good at it. They enjoy the details and these guys enjoy sanding. When asked if that’s what they do all day, “Pretty much. But I really enjoy it”

I’ve been a painter. Sanding was not my favourite part. But the finish I could get by keeping focused on the little details as I sanded was well worth it.

The Ring Brothers are proof that it’s what you do that matters. It’s not where you are from or what school you went too. That stuff is gone. If you still still think like that, it’s you are thinking like that and that thought is holding you back %%First Name%%.

Where you are right now simply doesn’t matter. It’s the care you take. It’s the attention to detail. And it’s caring about the people who are doing what you do for.

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Have a great week.

YourMondayMotivator: Fearing the fear

This week Seth Godin wrote a short missive on fearing the fear. One of the lines got my attention, “Most of the things we avoid are avoided because we’re afraid of being afraid.”

What an interesting concept and one that will ring true for a lot of people. We avoid a lot of things because we are afraid of being afraid.


It doesn’t make sense when you read it does it. But if you pause for a moment and think about situations where you haven’t done something because you didn’t want to you were putting off being afraid.


It might be you need to do something simple like making a call but because of the thoughts that go through your head you put it off. And off and off and off until it’s no longer relevant. That call might have changed your life though.

We have things to do that make us uncomfortable. That’s good. That’s when we grow. Those moments when we are testing ourselves and are the ones when we learn the most.

Don’t be afraid of being afraid %%First Name%% and when you get that feeling embrace it because you know you are about to learn something.

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Have a great week.

YourMondayMotivator: The Centre of Your Universe

Last night I took the photo below of my daughter playing with a bunch of toys at her nana’s house and captioned it, “The centre of her universe.”


I like this photo. It’s a great example of being content as the universe spreads out as chaos around you.

So answering my new question, “How can I inspire you today?”, look up and have a look around you. ….

That is your present universe. Look up again and take another look and listen. I bet you paid a bit more attention to what was going on around you. The colours got momentarily brighter and the sounds clearer.

That’s the real universe around you. Pay attention more often and life will be brighter and clearer. How cool will that be?

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If you’re in New Zealand have a relaxing day off.