What Do You See?

The short video within this article is based on the thoughts that Sargy Mann was putting together for a TED Talk that never eventuated, due to his death. As a painter he had been taught to see. There is a big difference in how an artist sees the world and how you and I might. Compensating for his diminishing sight and then becoming blind honed this skill even more, and Sargy has left the world a more beautiful place.

View the article and short video here.

YourMondayMotivator: Finding Beauty in Raucousness

I like a bit of raucousness from time to time. Raw, brutal sounds or visuals that literally assault your senses and knock the wind out of you. Wake up! Is what these things seem to yell at to you.

A good drifting video will do that if you like cars, and polarise you if you don’t.This ones a great example of a beautiful setting shattered from time to time by the ear splitting shreak of a 1JZ on the limiter. Rev limiter that is.

There is a lot of raucous behaviour in our lives from the time we arrive to the time we leave. Especially on arrival. But there is a lot of beauty to be found.

For example. A screaming baby is still cute. You smile, pick them up and give them a cuddle. Maybe not in that order every time.

Here’s how Charles Wright found beauty in his raucous life.

“We’ve all led raucous lives,
some of them inside, some of them out.
But only the poem you leave behind is what’s important.
Everyone knows this.
The voyage into the interior is all that matters,
Whatever your ride.
Sometimes I can’t sit still for all the asininities I read.
Give me the hummingbird, who has to eat sixty times
His own weight a day just to stay alive.
Now that’s a life on the edge.”

I took “Whatever your ride” to mean cars this morning. It fits with me. Look around this week. Look at everything with fresh eyes. Look at things like for the first time. There will will be beauty in the raucousness.

Have a great week.

YourMondayMotivator: ★ Am I special?

Am I special? That is a question many people ask themselves everyday.

Dictionary definition. Spec-ial (adjective) – 1. of a distinct or particular kind or character.

So, yes by definition you are special. But a dictionary definition doesn’t define you, or make you special.

Your choices are what make you special. Because choices lead to experiences. To creating moments that are sometimes better in your head and sometimes better in reality. Your choices do define you because they are the only thing people see and can relate to.

So yes you are special because you can make your own choices. Now close your eyes for a second and say “I’m special” in your head. Go on. …

…. Say it LOUDER. … “I’M SPECIAL!!”

Made you smile. Now, go about your day with that in mind. You’ve just created an “I’m special” neural pathway.

Charles Donoghue says to think of a neural pathway as a bunch of grapes. Thinking “I’m special” adds another grape. Me saying your special adds another grape. Keep growing the “I’m special” bunch by saying it yourself and you will never be the same again.

Have a great week.

P.S. MM Reader ChrisM sent me this reply from a High School Teachers Commencement Speech – You’re not special. Nice wrap up about it by the Young Turks to.