Today’s minimotivator on why you should be making yourself useful

Matthew B. Crawford

Today’s minimotivator.

Let me make 
myself useful.
– Matthew B. Crawford

This is a quote from the book, Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry Into the Value of Work.

Crawford also says you can’t hammer in a nail from the internet. … Maybe, if I was using the internet to call a builder. But, that’s not the point. The point is that a lot of people can’t do something as simple as hammering in a nail to hang a picture.

We now have generations who are in my opinion, useless. Coding isn’t going to cut down a tree and chop it up into my firewood.

Some are taking it upon themselves to upskill themselves and be useful. Because you never know when your mum is going to need a picture hung, a light bulb changed or the architrave screwed back on to the cavity slider.

Start to be useful today. Pick a project that requires you to pick up a circular saw, a hammer or a battery drill.

Learn how to do make yourself useful. Its life-changing to be able to do things for yourself and others.